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The CEPU national union was forged out of four unions who covered workers in three essential industries: electrical, communication and plumbing. The combined strength of all these workers is the power behind the CEPU national union. Join the fight to defend your work rights.

The communications division exists to advance the interests of members and secure a proper classification structure with appropriate rates of pay in the postal and telecommunications sector. The communications division is your first port of call when it comes to defending your work rights in our fast changing industry.

With 65,000 members across hundreds of industries the Electrical Trades Union of Australia is one of the most dynamic, successful unions in the country. We succeed because we put members first - whether it is winning large pay rises, ensuring safe work-places or enhancing training and conditions of employment.

The plumbing division of the CEPU has a long and proud history of defending the rights of workers in the plumbing trades. Improved health and safety, protection of the trade and strong EBA's are all the result of the steadfast solidarity of the Plumbing division.